MIAFTR Ireland

The latest initiative by Cartell is the Motor Insurance Ant-Fraud and Theft Register (MIAFTR). Working closely with our partners in the UK - and seeing at first hand how a register of vehicle write-offs can assist both the insurance industry and the public at large - Cartell has put more than two years of development work into MIAFTR Ireland. Modelled on its UK equivalent - and providing UK MIAFTR access to Irish insurers for the first time - MIAFTR Ireland has been developed consistent with the core values that underpin Cartell and we are proud to release it to the market.

In effect, MIAFTR Ireland introduces into Ireland the categorisation system of write-offs which has been successfully in operation in the UK for the past number of years. This categorisation system - introduced by the UK Government but articulated and developed by experienced engineers in the field - allows a referrer access to accurate information on the write-off status of a vehicle by categorising write-off information with reference to a defined list of attributes: including but not limited to factors such as the Pre-Accident Value of the Vehicle; repair costs; time-frame for repair; liaising arrangements in place and costs associated.

The data base also contains a comprehensive listing of vehicles which are stolen-recovered: meaning these vehicles were reported as stolen but recovered in various states of condition. This information - vital for the Irish consumer looking to purchase vehicles from the United Kingdom and Northern Ireland - presents yet another useful tool in Cartell's continued fight to ensure the consumer obtains the complete history of any vehicle they wish to purchase in the Irish market-place.

Aware of the difficulties associated with the classification - and recording - of vehicle write-offs in Ireland since Cartell was set up in 2006 our company embarked on a project in 2008 which would facilitate the Irish Insurance Sector in its efforts to ensure the complete transfer of data from one company to another and to the public at large.

The result is MIAFTR Ireland.

Cartell Team 2010